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Sep 28, 2004
Political thoughts

Some thoughts on the current political fighting: John Kerry wants to get elected on his Vietnam service record, yet he keeps refering to the ongoing fighting in Iraq as a "quagmire", I think the first thing he'd do if elected is order the Army Corps of Engineers to immediately start irrigating Iraq to turn it into a jungle, and have the cameras set up to show the world the last American helicopter leaving the rooftop of the Bagdad embassy! Perhaps this Thursday, Senator John Kerry can have a three-way debate with Lt. John Kerry AND Veteran Against the War John Kerry.

Posted at 11:19 am by txmoonwolf
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Jul 7, 2004
Cute... real cute

Today at work, as I'm leaving (early dismissal) there's a sign saying "It's 'We're Broke Day'! Free PB&J in breakroom". My only comment was "I already brought my own PB&J!" and my coworkers laughed, thinking I was commenting about how we're ALL chronically broke, even if it's two days before we get paid. (which is very true!)

Posted at 11:12 am by txmoonwolf
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Jul 4, 2004
Happy 4th of July!

Another time to remember the signing of our Declaration of Independence and the men who pledged "their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor."

Posted at 11:01 am by txmoonwolf
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Apr 11, 2004
How I spent my Easter 2004

Well, after not doing much else (it got cold and wet here again), the Missus and I decided to drive down to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, to see the War Dogs Memeorial they had there. I missed the turnoff on the first pass, so we circled back around and went in. It was still raining some, so we didn't stay too long, but we got a good look around. We had brought along Sydney, our German Shepherd-Chow mix, and she lead us around the memorial park. We stopped at the War Dog statue, and Sydney started growling at it! Apparently she thinks the bronze dog is especially realistic! By this time we were plenty wet, and we headed home with some nice pics of me and Syd, which I'll get around to posting another day.

Posted at 07:13 pm by txmoonwolf
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Mar 3, 2004
I got a job!

FINALLY!!!Ok, it's only been a month, but I got a new job.  I'll be at a local department store, probably as a stocker, and part-time, which is better than NO-TIME.  My wife'll be happy too, b/c I've been home for 25/8 (not 24/7) for over a month, and we were on each other's last nerves for a while, but we've gotten better since then.  Also one of our friends is finally gonna take her two cats, which we've been holding for her since they were kittens!  (around 9 months)  Altho that'll leave us with 7 cats, 4 dogs and one bird.  Welcome to our zoo!

Posted at 03:43 pm by txmoonwolf
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Feb 7, 2004

I hate the mutherfuckers who send all this goddam spam! I don't check my email for a couple of days, and all of the sudden there's 1300 emails, 90 fucking percent of it SPAM!!! Then I've spent the last 4 hours getting Mailwasher to sort thru the pile and then deleting most of what's left, just because I don't want to spend another 4 hours reading thru it all!!!
I think Howard Dean said it best: "YAAAAAAAARRRHHH!!!!!"

And now the damned Mailwasher isn't deleting stuff, so I have to go in and manually remove it!

Posted at 07:34 pm by txmoonwolf
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Jan 26, 2004
just another day

While I'm not as pissed today, I'm still pretty steamed about getting fired and especially how the supervisor acted... altho in a way it was kinda funny too.  After a half-hour long Mexican standoff of him trying to make me beg to keep my job and me refusing, I noticed he was wearing a white, green, and PURPLE golf shirt.  I quite plainly remarked that he shouldn't wear purple, as it reminded me of the Amazing Mumford from Sesame Street.  He came practically unglued!  Started shouting at me to "stop that right now" and said that WAS insubordination and merited firing right then.  I said fine and started walking out, but turned around to ask if there was anything I needed to sign.  He pulled out a form and told me I could fill out the comment section.  I glaced at it for a second, then said "Naw" and walked out.  I admit feeling a little pride at getting fired for insubordination, especially after pissing him off enough with something as childish as the Amazing Mumford.  After what my wife and I have speculated, he must be a bully who had a work position with power over others and he enjoyed that, and didn't like it when people stood up to him like we were doing.  Oh, well... time to sleep, so I can be ready for filing for unemployment insurance and applying for other jobs tomorrow.

PS Since my wife prayed on Thursday night for whatever G_d wanted to be done, I think the Amazing Mumford comment was divinely inspired!  <grin>

PPS Many thanks to my wife Phoenix Ravenflame for all her work on the graphics here.

Posted at 02:30 am by txmoonwolf
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First time here

Drafted on Thrusday 22 January 2004
This is my first time posting in this blog.  I've tried before with "other" blog sites, but had too much trouble with their software messing stuff up! I'll probably import my previous stuff once I get used to this place...

Today was very frustrating, and tomorrow doesn't look much better.  I get to go into the office tomorrow and either beg to keep my job, or tell the boss what I really think and get fired.  Telling him what I thought is why I get to go in to the office anyway. A little backstory... I work for a international security guard company as a piss-ant security guard, stationed at an international hotel chain's two locations here in Southeast Texas.  The company has a policy against spouses staying "on post" while waiting for the guard to finish his/her shift, and this has become a severe problem as my wife and I have only one vehicle, and she occasionally suffers from migraines.  We have no way of knowing when she drops me off at work if she will develop a migraine or not during my shift, and so when she feels the beginnings of a migraine, she comes back to the hotel and waits for me to get off of work.  You can probably see where this would be in direct conflict with company policy. Now, my supervisor has warned me about my wife staying there while I was working, but the extent of agreeing with him was saying that " I'd pass it along". 

Posted at 02:21 am by txmoonwolf
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Jan 25, 2004
my feelings today

Posted at 03:34 am by txmoonwolf
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